A Personal Sales Experience From a “Little Bee”

I don’t know if it ’s almost 18 months to join FIXMAN family. From the beginning of my knowledge of international trade, I am now able to mature the entire order, from how to develop customers, make formal invoices, receive order deposits, orders The production of certificate materials and the control of the risk of receiving foreign exchange have certain understanding and practical ability, and then from the customer’s visit reception, factory inspection, inspection, introduction of the company’s production process and production capacity to the customer can be given to the customer one by one complete information.

In general, I have learned a lot of new skills and knowledge in the year of 2019. First of all, I would like to thank my colleagues and leaders from the company for their support and patient help. Thank you so much for your selflessness, which made me develop this year. A few new customers. I also want to thank President Wang and other departments for their trust in me over the past year and for supporting my work. Although the completion of this year is far from the set goals, I am confident that through the concerted efforts of everyone in 2020, the company will not be disappointed.
Let me briefly explain my personal experience in this year:

1.Basic Knowledge

As a foreign trade sales, first of all, I personally feel that I need to understand the product. If I don’t even know what selling points the product I sell, how do I recommend it to customers? The second is to understand the entire trade link. If you don’t understand the trade link, how do you answer the questions of customers in every trade link? If both of these links are okay, you can actually operate.

As a sales, you first need to find ways to make customers interested in the product. Sometimes the price is not necessarily the most critical factor. If you can be in the sales link, Planning and taking every step will make customers feel that even if our prices are expensive, our service and quality are definitely worth the money. There is no absolute fairness in this world. Both buyers and sellers are voluntary and equal. You must have a weighing rod in your heart, not only considering the customer ’s feelings, but also maintaining your own bottom line with the company. The average profit point of the several orders negotiated in the past year exceeds the target set by the company, which also verifies the price. High or low is not the key to making an order. In addition, risk control is also a very important step. In the early stage of cooperation, this clause is a hard clause. This year, the final payment of the order I am responsible for has been collected without any arrears.

2.Establishing Good Cooperative Relations

The process of developing customers is actually a process of establishing a foundation of trust. From the beginning, the customer does not understand you and your product, and later recognizes you and your product. In fact, it is also a process of making friends. When you and the customer become friends, The greater your hopes of becoming a single with him. But for large companies, it’s not enough to become friends.

You also need to show the strength of the company, as well as the characteristics of the product, product quality and company service. If you want the guests to feel that you are professional, you have greater hope for success. How to attract customers depends on adopting different strategies according to the actual situation. For a good sale, the idea is always the first. To put it plainly, I want to find ways to make customers interested in your products.

3.Quality Control

It is also very important to control product quality. The first order is particularly important. If the first order cannot establish the basis of trust, there will be no return orders in the future. The first order is also one of the keys to success or failure in future cooperation. So every time there is a product to be shipped, I will pay close attention to it, and I am grateful for the active cooperation of the purchase. Sometimes I feel very embarrassed, but there is no way, the quality must be controlled. Several orders this year have not received any customer complaints, which means that customers have a great chance to return orders next year.

4.Team Strength

The importance of team work, in fact, a person’s strength is limited, thinking and structure are also limited. Some problems may not be immediately obvious. Although there are few sales staff in Jiangsu Jiejie, a few of us will often meet to discuss customer and order development details in order to better explore and develop business. If you want to be a good sales, you must first see your own shortcomings from the eyes of others. Team work is a good way to let you and your team understand your shortcomings, and will also train everyone to discuss and solve problems together. Ideas.

In summary, in 2019, I really learned a lot of new foreign trade knowledge, and I have a basic understanding of the foreign trade industry. Thank you very much for the support and trust of leaders and President Bao. I believe that FIXMAN in 2020 will be better And go to the next level!

Post time: Mar-13-2020