Classification of FIXMAN Electric Tools

Hand-held power tools: power tools that are easy to carry and operate by holding or hanging by hand.

Movable power tools: Power tools that also have the following characteristics are portable power tools (also called desktop tools).


Metal cutting (J) electric drill, reciprocating saw, profile cutting machine

Sanding (S) Angle grinder, sanding machine, polishing machine

Assembly (P) electric wrench, electric screw gun, electric rivet gun

Forest (M) electric planer, jig saw, electric circular saw, electric wood milling machine, slotting machine, pruning machine

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (N) Electric Shearing Machine

Construction (Z) electric hammer, vertical drill, impact drill, electric pick, stone cutting machine

Mines (K) Electric drills for coal mines

Railway (T) Railway screw electric wrench

Others (Q) Electric air pump, electric spray gun


Electric drill

Tools for drilling holes in metal materials, plastics, etc. It can be used as an electric screwdriver when it is equipped with a forward and reverse switch and an electronic speed regulating device. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally without an external power supply for a certain period of time.

Applicable material for punching holes less than 13mm


Impact drill

Mainly used for power tools for drilling harder materials such as masonry and concrete. When the impact mechanism is closed, it can also be used as an ordinary electric drill.

Drill holes for brick walls smaller than 12mm, and drill holes for metal, stone and glass smaller than 13mm


Electric hammer

Power tools used for drilling masonry, concrete, artificial or natural stones, etc. The functions of electric drill and electric hammer can be used interchangeably. Light drills are widely used SDS-PLUS drill chucks and drill bits, medium and heavy hammer drills are replaced with SDS-MAX chucks and drill bits, and chisels can be clamped.

6-38mm concrete and marble drilling


Jig saw

It is mainly used for cutting steel, wood, plastic and other materials, and the saw blade reciprocates or swings up and down. It is most suitable for cutting precise straight lines or curves.

Face different cutting materials

It is recommended to choose a machine with different lifting gears

A good jig saw generally has 4 gears

Level 0: thinner materials such as rubber, ceramics, steel, aluminum, etc.

Level 1: plastic, wood, aluminum and other harder materials

Level 2: wood, plastic, materials of equal thickness

Level 3: Cut cork


Angle Grinder

Mainly used for grinding steel and stone. Commonly used grinding discs have diameters of 100/115mm, 125mm, 180mm, and 230mm.


Marble machine

Generally, stone is cut. Dry or wet cutting can be selected. Common saw blades are: dry saw blade, wet saw blade, and wet and dry saw blade. Home improvement is used to cut wall and floor tiles.


Reciprocating saw

Cutting of wood or metal in a small space environment, cutting pipes and cables

Cutting in cables, wood, metal pipes and PVC materials

As well as electric power construction and emergency repair of tap water and gas

Widely used in rescue, disaster relief, fire protection and other fields

Fast and efficient, low vibration is one of the reasons for the popularity of reciprocating saws


Cutting Machine

Mainly used for cutting aluminum, wood, etc. from different angles. Pay attention to tightening the saw blade and wear goggles when using it.

250mm compound miter saw, 305mm compound miter saw


Electric planer

The electric planer is an electric tool with a rotating knife shaft. It is mainly used for planing wood and plastic surfaces. The planer can be adjusted.



Used for sanding wood. Need to install sandpaper.

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