Do You Know About Ratchet Handle? Tip from FIXMAN

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Ratchet wrench: used to turn the socket, etc.

(1) Classification

According to specifications: 1/4, 3/8and 1/2

Also known as Xiaofei, Zhongfei and Dafei

Divided by surface: open triangle, closed triangle, pressure triangle

According to the number of ratchet teeth: 24T, 39T, 45T, 72T (T is the number of gears)

(2) Torque: 1/462Nm 3/8202Nm 1/2512Nm

Note: Nm (unit of force distance, Newton per meter, referred to as Newton meter) 

Formula: 1 Newton × 1 meter = 1 Nm. (Newton: vector, meter: scalar)

Torque is a form of force acting on an object, it causes the object to rotate,

The size of its action is equal to the force and the arm (distance from the force to the center of rotation)

The product of. Therefore, the greater the force arm, the greater the torque; the greater the force, the greater the torque.

(3) Product features:

A: High-quality raw materials: CRV material is selected to ensure the overall torque value;

Note: Do not apply excessive torque

B: Satisfy small occasions: the 72-tooth ratchet head design is adopted, which can better meet the operation in small spaces;

C: Humanized design: It has the function of quick falling off, making it easier to make, and it has dual steering control keys, which is convenient for one-handed operation;

D: Comfortable hand feeling: unique two-color handle design, ergonomic, beautiful and generous, and comfortable hand feeling;

E: Hardness: The hardness of the square rod of the transmission accessory is not less than HRC39

F: Appearance: No cracks, rust and obvious burrs on the surface,

G: Assembly quality: each accessory screw must be screwed and not loosened, the paddles are flexible, the transmission accessory assembly is well-proportioned, and the left-right shaking gap is less than 0.5MM

(4) Precautions: A: Do not add sleeve extension arm to the ratchet wrench; B: Do not add impact load to the ratchet wrench;

C: It is not allowed to use a ratchet to knock hard objects. D: It is not allowed to be soaked in oil for a long time

Post time: Aug-16-2021