Do You Really Know About Hammer?

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A hammer is a tool used to strike an object to move or deform it. It is most commonly used to strike a nail, correct or knock the object open. Hammer tools

It belongs to the percussion tool. Depending on its appearance and use occasions, it can also be claw hammer, round head hammer, rubber hammer, and installation

Hammer, non-elastic hammer, fitter’s hammer, woodworking hammer, masonry hammer, etc.

1. Claw hammer:

(1) Handle: wooden handle, fiber handle and steel pipe handle

(2) Material: high carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel

(3) Unit: 0Z, weight unit, Chinese name is ounce, 1OZ=28.35 grams

(4) Intrinsic quality: GS certification, German product safety certification, BS certification, British product safety certification

(5) Common specifications: 8OZ 12OZ 16OZ 20OZ

(6) Hardness: horns 42-52HRC, percussion surface 46-56HRC, not more than 35HRC near the hammer hole

(7) Nail pull test: Clamp the round nail tightly on the bench vise, and the length of the holding part is 20MM. After clamping, tighten the nail rod with a claw horn, and then apply force on the hammer handle. At this time, there should be on the nail rod. The nail chips fall off, and there should be no damage to the horn after the test.

(8) Tension test: 8OZ: 3500N, 12OZ: 4000N, 16OZ: 10000N, 20OZ: 10000N

(6) Energy: Ek = 1/2 mv2 (Ek is kinetic energy, m is mass, v is speed)

The energy of an object due to motion is called kinetic energy, and its size is one-half of the square product of the mass and velocity of the moving object.

When the weight of the hammer doubles, the energy doubles; when the speed doubles, the energy doubles. So, in order to use the hammer safely

When hammering, the hammer must be used correctly and the speed of the hammer must be mastered.

(7) Main function: It can be used for knocking, hammering, and nail pulling

(8) Matters needing attention: A: The hammer head and the handle must be firmly connected, and the hammer head and the hammer handle are loose, and the hammer handle has splits and cracks.

Must not be used

B: When using the hammer, you must pay attention to the front, back, left, and right. It is strictly forbidden to stand within the range of the hammer’s movement, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the sledge hammer and the small hammer

C: The hammer head is not allowed to be quenched, and cracks and burrs are not allowed. If the flash is found, it should be repaired in time


2. Fitter’s hammer

(1) Function: The flat end is generally used for knocking, the sharp one is generally used for striking the flat surface and the pointed end, such as sheet metal

(2) Unit: g as the unit, and also pound as the unit. Commonly used styles are 300g, 500g and 800g;

(3) Material: high-quality alloy steel, strong and impact resistant

(4) Handle: wooden handle and fiber handle

(5) Process: The special embedding process of the fiber rod makes the vertical head not easy to fall off

(6) Hardness: The two ends of the hammer body are between 46-56HRC, and the vicinity of the hammer hole is not more than 35HRC

(7) Percussion test: Strike continuously on the steel plate (steel plate between 20-30HRC) for 6 times and then change the direction to strike 6 times continuously. There should be no cracks, damage, hammer head and hammer handle on the hammer body. The connection should not be loose.

(8) Tension test (tension machine): 300G: 3500N, 500G: 4000N


3. Round head hammer: mainly used for percussion

4. Install the hammer

5. Rubber hammer

Industrial grade SBR rubber material, anti-knocking, anti-skid and anti-greasy

The hammer head contains steel balls, so there is no rebound when hitting.

It can be hit hard, no sparks, suitable for fireproof places,

Such as gas station and power supply part use

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