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A tool used to turn a screw to force it into place,

The Beijing-Tianjin area is called a screwdriver, and there are screwdrivers and screwdrivers in the south.

1. Classification of screwdrivers:

A: From the handle to classify: color bar handle screwdriver and injection handle screwdriver

B: Divided from the shank: ordinary square shank and ordinary round shank

C: According to the head: one character, cross, rice character, square, hexagon, flower type (T type)

D: According to others: ordinary, electric screwdriver, insulated screwdriver

2. Material of the screwdriver:

A: From the handle: PVC ABS PP TPR wooden handle

B: In terms of the tool bar

A3 steel 45# carbon steel 40CRV 50CRV 6150CRV S2 chromium molybdenum steel

3. Processing technology:

A: Tool bar: Breaking material-(centerless grinding)-Cutter head (double head)-Punch head-

Cutting edge-(grinding both sides-embossing)-cutting-cutting-pure fire-sandblasting-electroplating

Handle: one-time molding, two-time molding, three-time molding

4. Common quality problems:

A: Poor electroplating (plating layer peeling off, spots, rust)

B: The arbor is skewed C: The handle has burrs

D: Wrong color E: Insufficient hardness of the tool shaft, insufficient torque: 6150# HRC 54±2

F: Poor printing on the handle F: Poor magnetization of the cutter head: The head must be able to attract small nails

G: The head cannot pass the plug gauge (a measuring tool used to measure the diameter)


5. Precautions for screwdriver use:

(1) It is forbidden to hit a screwdriver with a non-penetrating handle with a hammer;

(2) Live operation of ordinary screwdrivers is prohibited;

(3) According to the head of the screw to be tightened or loosened

Choose an appropriate screwdriver for the width and shape of the groove;

(4) It is forbidden to use a screwdriver as a crowbar;

(5) Prohibit the handle from being immersed in oil for a long time;

6. Watch screwdriver

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