Each Success of FIXMAN Is Based On Teamwork

There is an old saying in China: “Thousands of people are in the same heart, so they have the power of a thousand; This means that if one thousand people are united in one mind, they can exert more than one thousand people’s power. However, if ten thousand people deviate from Germany, I am afraid that even one person’s power is not comparable!

This is the power of the team! This is the team spirit we need!

Today, with the increasing standardization of market rules and the increasingly fierce market competition, what does an enterprise need to take a place in the competition? By the individual heroism of an entrepreneur or by a few people alone? No! It is already an elegy of sunset and the scenery is gone! Because the work we are engaged in can only be done through solidarity and cooperation! Because the current market competition is a comprehensive competition for team collaboration capabilities! Look at the contemporary The rise and fall of the company’s honor and disgrace, we can easily find: a thousand unsuccessful companies may have a thousand reasons for unsuccessful, but a thousand successful companies, there must be an important success factor, that is, the same desire, Team spirit of sincere cooperation!

Today in November, our company started the integration of the two industries. To be honest, what is the integration of the two industries? I don’t know. I don’t think most people know it, so the result must be a failure.

Later, the person in charge of the project summoned everyone, organized training, and re-divided the work. The administrative department was responsible for unifying and perfecting the system, the technical department was responsible for the preparation of the process, and the quality control department was responsible for reorganizing the standards for purchased parts. Responsible for perfecting the basic data of equipment and molds, IT is responsible for communicating with the general engineer to set up the system on-line modules.

After the basic information of each department is improved, the technical department will arrange the review, and upload the system after the review. Everything is proceeding methodically. Finally, after everyone’s cooperation, the integration of the two industries will finally be launched at the end of December.

Therefore, teamwork can often inspire the incredible potential of the group, and the results of teamwork often exceed the sum of the individual performance of members. The so-called “concentric mountains become jade, and the soil turns into gold.”

Post time: Mar-16-2020