Five Directors for the Transformation of the Hardware Tools Industry

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lthough China has nearly 6000 hardware manufacturers, it is still not a powerful country. From the perspective of historical evolution, the world’s hardware tool manufacturing industry has undergone a process of transferring from European and American countries to Japan, Taiwan, and India, and from Japan, Taiwan, and India to the coastal areas of China. In regions such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, most of China’s hardware and tool companies are still based on extensive processing and export trade, or processing on behalf of many large distributors in the United States, Japan, etc., with low product value and added value.

In the face of severe macroeconomics, Chinas hardware tool industry is actively exploring and comparing the development of the international hardware tool industry with the status quo of Chinas hardware tool industry. The hardware tool industry can only adapt to the market, participate in international competition, aim at the worlds advanced, actively adjust product structure, and expand. Competitive space is the road to the development of China’s hardware tools. The hardware tool industry is facing five major changes in 2016:

1 Change the extensive production mode and transform to high-quality hardware

At present, most of the products produced by Shanghai tool companies are old faces, rough processing, low energy levels, and high energy consumption. Most companies use carbon steel materials as the production matrix for hardware tools. The profit of the product is about 8-10%. The profit of a wire cutter and a wrench is only a few cents, and the selling price is only below 10 yuan. The raw materials used in the production of foreign hardware tools are mainly chromium-vanadium alloy steel. The price of the high-quality hardware tools produced is about 100 yuan, the price difference is 10 times, which is not commensurate with the status of Shanghai as a metropolis, and domestic and foreign businesses and advanced manufacturing industries are looking forward to high-quality products.

2 Change the old face of products and transform to independent innovation

my country’s hardware tool products have a broad development space. According to reports, a company in the United States of America Sneon Tool Company produces and distributes hardware tools with more than 3,000 varieties and tens of thousands of specifications, which is equivalent to 6 times the total number of tool products in my country. Therefore, domestic enterprises Don’t always stare at old products, old faces, but open your mind. If there are no major breakthroughs in varieties and styles, it will not be able to meet the requirements of the international and domestic markets. The variety and quantity of hardware tools must be greatly increased, and the development and express delivery of new products should be increased, and hardware tools products should be quickly filled. The hardware tool industry can have new vitality. In this regard, Danaher Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Evergreen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Junma Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Worsch Horticulture Co., Ltd. are leading the way, with new products and new developments every year.

3 Change the traditional sales model to a modern sales network

The establishment of a modern marketing system requires seven extensions: one is to extend to the domestic first-class trade fair and first-class hardware city, making its products an all-round display, communication, and cooperative trading platform. The second is to extend to the direction of internationalization and attract more foreign businessmen with preferential policies. The third is to extend to the invisible market, gradually realize the extension of e-commerce online transactions, establish and expand online markets, and expand transaction orders. The fourth is to extend to the distribution market. The fifth is to extend to the chain market, and build chain sub-markets with a unified name, a unified logo, and a unified distribution throughout the country. Sixth, it extends to the equipment industry. The seventh is to set up marketing agencies in other places to make them the forefront of product promotion. As a benchmark market for the national hardware and electromechanical industry, a national integrity demonstration market, and a national top 100 brand market, Wanguan Hardware & Electrical City is operated with the best combination of “exposition (purchasing festival) + entity market with the most port value + e-commerce network online transaction” Model, enjoys a high degree of recognition both inside and outside the hardware tool industry.

4 Transition to implementing brand strategy

Luo Baihui, a well-known brand marketing expert in the hardware mold industry, believes that companies should formulate brand building plans, increase investment in technology re-election and technological innovation, improve product quality, and develop in the direction of specialized, refined, special and new brands to attract market attention and turn fighting into jade. , Ranked among the world’s brands.

5 Change the phenomenon of fighting alone and take the road of joint and cooperative brands

Now that my countrys industrial development is changing with each passing day, hardware tools must keep up with my countrys industrial development in order to meet the rapid development needs of all walks of life. Just like the Shida brand, it will unite with my countrys best manufacturing companies to produce high-quality products at an annual rate of 30%. It is a good form to participate in the Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry and Mould Industry International Exhibition last year by the Fine Hardware Alliance, which gathers the advantages of hardware tools.

At present, my country is in a period of economic turning point, and the development of the hardware tool industry is also facing major adjustments. I believe that after 30 years of development, as long as the scientific development concept is the lead, the transformation of development mode and structural adjustment are accelerated, and development opportunities are grasped in adversity, the face of the hardware tool industry will definitely take on a new look.

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