Fixman Brand Live Show

1. Brand + live broadcast + celebrity

The celebrity comes from the traffic, if the brand wants to increase the safety factor of the test water live broadcast, of course, the celebrity platform is the first choice.

2. Brand + live broadcast + corporate daily

Just like the subtle relationship between Pixel Yanzhao and PS, consumers are sometimes more interested in the daily life of the company compared to the various publicity films that come out of the package. Live broadcasting can allow companies to temporarily put aside their concerns about costs, showcase their companies and brands to consumers from multiple angles, and mobilize consumer interest in a way that takes the lead.


3. Brand + live broadcast + event

Eating can be broadcast live, while sleeping can be broadcast live. The same is true for brands. Everything is possible, so live broadcast + can attach anything that can arouse the interest of the audience, which also brings more possibilities to brand live broadcasts. To

4. Brand + platform + live broadcast

Compared with various combinations, the combination of live broadcast + e-commerce is more direct and practical. The emergence of live broadcasts has provided traditional e-commerce companies with a sharp new weapon, prompting them to transform from product shopping guides to content shopping guides. If the e-commerce platform is ingenious and incorporates some marketing ideas, it will definitely make this weapon sharper and find a new big traffic entrance for the platform.


5. Brand + live broadcast + release

Live broadcast brand releases are always not new. Whether it is the Apple release of Jobs or Luo Yonghao’s hammer release, it is enough to keep many fans waiting in front of the screen. The live broadcast on the live broadcast platform is quite different. The venue is no longer limited to the venue, and the interactive methods are more diverse and interesting.

Because of the epidemic situation that we can not go abroad to visit our customers. The online types become very important to Fixman promotion. we have tried the online canton fair and other kinds of live show, to communicate with our clients, show our product range, and display the new products that we developed. the live show type is just beginning for us, and we will keep continue and make better performance of the live show after trials and experience conclusion. We also invite our customers and people we are interested in our brand and products, to get into our show room and enjoy us together.


Post time: Jul-19-2021