FIXMAN Team Fight Together Against Typhoon “Firworks”

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From July 24, 2021, Typhoon No. 6 this year “Fireworks” continues to affect our city. Orange warnings for typhoons have been issued in some areas. As it coincides with the astronomical tide, this typhoon has the characteristics of long-lasting impact. In accordance with the anti-Taiwan deployment made by the district party committee and the district government, Ningbo Jiejie Tools made careful arrangements for this anti-Taiwan defense. The company immediately established a natural disaster emergency prevention and control team, implemented the work responsibility system, and each group was shifted on duty; at the same time, the “Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co., Ltd. Natural Disaster Prevention and Control Plan” was formulated to ensure the orderly progress of prevention and rescue work.

It is worth noting that in this anti-Taichung fight, the party branch of Jiejie Tools actively played a pioneering and exemplary role. The commander-in-chief and deputy commanders and the group leaders were mostly party members and cadres. Many party members and employees fought against the typhoon throughout the night to ensure The safety of the companys plant has been improved. Many employees who participated in the anti-Taiwan resistance also rushed to the front line of the anti-Taiwan defense, and submitted applications to join the party, expressing their desire to join the party organization. It inspired party organizations and party members and cadres to transform their exemplary vanguard role into organizational strength, cohesion, and combat effectiveness.

During the typhoon, the party branch of Jiejie Tools also exerted the spirit of mutual help and mutual assistance. When it was learned that the fruit farmers of Guangming Village had more than 20,000 catties of Cuiguan pears rushed to find a market before the typhoon, they responded to the call of Zhuangshi Street to help farmers and encouraged all Party members and employees bought together in group purchases. Everyone enthusiastically participated. You got ten catties and he bought twenty catties. In just a few hours, they bought about 450 catties.

Post time: Jul-26-2021