Foreign trade marketing – ideas decide the way out


Time flies, and in a blink of an eye a new year 2020 is about to be ushered in. Since working, he has been engaged in the foreign trade sales industry, which has witnessed the prosperity and development of an era of foreign trade. At the same time, he has also experienced continuous changes in various environments and industry reshuffles. Especially in 2019, the sluggish global economy we face, brutal peer competition, the intensifying trade war in the United States, and China’s increasing economic downside risks, all of which seem to indicate that the trade of foreign trade is getting more and more difficult. . So, how to open up a path to sunshine under the tide of this fiercely competitive era?

In fact, any success is an idea at first, and any failure is also an idea at first. So, what I want to say today is: thinking determines the way out, thinking determines the action. The following points are some personal opinions.

1.self-awareness and accurate positioning.Fixman 2019 Canton Fair

The foreign trade market is not good. This is the general environment. The adverse effects it brings are the same for every enterprise and individual. Under the crisis, there may be new vitality. How we find our position in the changing market competition is very critical. Jiejie Tools, as a physical enterprise with 25 years of tool manufacturing and export, relies on the steadiness and diligence of one step at a time, accumulating a large number of customer resources and good reputation in the outside world, and we continue to optimize our manufacturing process internally. Introducing excellent equipment, improving design capabilities and cost control capabilities, all of these continue to add points to our comprehensive advantages. Therefore, becoming an excellent tool manufacturing expert and providing high-quality products and services to global customers has always been our most basic positioning. Then, all the production and marketing work of our company should be carried out closely around this positioning and thinking, and be consistent.

2. good marketing ideas cannot be separated from precision marketing.

With the in-depth development of the Internet and the self-media, various information consultations have flooded. The charm of precision marketing lies in precision. Our biggest expectation in the sales process is to recommend the most suitable products to the most suitable customers, plus good display methods to interest them, and finally reach the purchase intention. The essence is to categorize (or rank) target customers and develop marketing strategies in a targeted manner. Through the analysis of market analysis, historical purchase data, sales feedback and other big data to support accurate analysis, all customers are managed hierarchically and pushed to customers corresponding good products to achieve precise goals and precise business opportunities.

3.OEM light customization and deep customization.

Customization is no longer a new term. However, mild customization and deep customization are worth our research and practice. What is mild customization? It refers to the fact that some OEM customers only need to change the color, trademark, and packaging requirements to achieve rapid customization and differentiate products from other competitors in the market. The advantage of this approach is that the input is small, the output is fast, and the threshold is relatively low. Relatively speaking, deep customization can also be called personalized customization. The customer’s requirements in product design, mold, manufacturing, packaging, color, etc. are all personalized. It is characterized by large investment, high threshold but uniqueness, can achieve in-depth cooperation with customers, long-term development, and is mostly used for large customer marketing customization. As an OEM’s foreign trade sales, we can embed light customization and deep customization into sales work and project development at the same time according to the actual situation, with flexible use and complementary advantages.

4.the multi-dimensional establishment of customers’ long-term trust in the brand.

The importance of building brand trust is self-evident, but its importance and power may go far beyond our imagination. As we all know, the fan economy, live broadcast sales and so on have been very popular in the past two years. One of these popular anchors is Wei Ya, who is said to have generated 300 million yuan in sales on the day of Double Eleven in 2018. Behind this incredible performance is actually the unconditional trust of tens of millions of fans in Wei Ya, that is, a trust in their personal brand. The terminals reached by OEM foreign trade sales are actually millions of consumers. And how do we pass our Jiejie brand and word of mouth to our customers, distributors and end users in multiple dimensions? In addition to good products, there must be good channels, good prices, and more importantly, long-term, consistent stability, stable quality, stable service, and stable reputation. Only in this way can we build a truly long-term brand trust.

5.there is a plan to build a business education system. This is an idea that I emphasized when I went to the lecture of Alibaba Vice President Yu Yong last month, and I think it is very valuable. In fact, all business is essentially a team sport, a team of different people to complete transactions together. As a foreign trade transaction, the most important thing is to realize the transformation from manufacturing to market. Therefore, in our marketing strategy, we should think more about how to select and train high-quality suppliers, give them guidance and create more favorable development conditions. Instead of just asking them to provide cheap and good products, or even keep prices down. At the same time, the focus of the business education system is to incubate to help them grow, develop together, and form a good relationship between supply and demand.

Finally, use the power of the team.

The famous Stone’s law states that sales performance depends to a large extent on the attitude of the sales staff, not the customer. Therefore, the most important core to determine the way out is to cultivate a good working mentality for sales staff. At the same time, this excellent quality is continuously copied to each member of the team, and finally a sales team with combat effectiveness, positive attitude and unity is built. In the harsh foreign trade competition environment of 2019, each member of Jiejie International Trade Department helped each other learn from each other, constantly broke through themselves, constantly challenged learning, developed new markets and new customers, and cherished and maintained each old customer. Goals. Although there are various difficulties and challenges in the process, we have the strength of the entire team and always provide us with a series of support and solutions at critical moments.
The way of thinking determines the way out, and the pattern determines the outcome. Under the crisis, new vitality is actually hidden. Let’s break the usual thinking set, even use contrarian thinking to think, innovate, and make concrete actions and formulate strategies. At the same time, we strive to improve our foreign trade sales capabilities, cultivate excellent sales staff and sales teams, and keep learning ability to keep up with the times. I believe that under any difficult international situation or foreign trade environment, we can open up our own foreign trade world.



Post time: Mar-17-2020