Socket knowledge and Quality Inspection

1. Socket Purpose

Suitable for loading and unloading hexagon bolts and nuts

2. Socket Style

Divided into two major structures in terms of size and appearance;

There are 6 styles from the processing method combined with the surface treatment;


There are 6 styles from the processing method

A, conventional knurling

B. Straight double groove

C. Straight single groove

D, reticulated round groove

E. Reticulated square groove

F. Straight tube without groove


There are 5 types of socket surface treatment:

A, matte

B. Bright surface (mirror surface)

C, two-color

D, mercury mist

E. Roll the ribbon

F. Electrophoresis


From the size of the structure (except for long, middle and short sets)

The size of the opposite side of the square hole is divided into 1/4; 3/8; 1/2 sleeve. The size of the opposite side of the hexagonal hole is the specification of this sleeve.


A. Visually inspect the quality of the sleeve

1. Look at the lettering; the font is complete and clear, and cannot appear one dark and one light;

2. Look at the details of the processing, look at the turning end face and the bead groove hole;

3. Look at the quality of the surface and the inner hole. The surface sand is uniform, the color is uniform, and there is no potholes, peeling, spots, or bruises.

4. Look at the appearance of the assembly, no burrs, etc.;

5. Look at the uniformity of color and electroplating of the entire batch of sleeves.


B. Intrinsic quality (testing equipment completed)


1. Hardness: The sleeve is not less than 39HRC, and the compact is 30-35HRC.

2. Size: plug gauge inspection

3. Salt spray test requirements (no rust):

Matte surface, mercury mist: passed the 10-hour salt spray test

Two-color: Pass the 6-hour salt spray test

Mirror: Passed the 16-hour salt spray test

4. Torque: refer to DIN3124 execution


Surface treatment characteristics

A. Mirror and matte

These two surface treatment methods are the most conventional treatment methods. In terms of product protection, the surface of mirror products is easier to scratch, and it is difficult to see after scratches, while it is better to have a sandblasting layer on the matte surface.

B. Two-color products

The hexagonal head of the two-color product we are currently making is

The mirror surface, the square head is matte, the more difficult to control is the double

The effect of color, the focus of control in the production link is no

The effect of heart grinding or polishing and the control of electroplating.

C, mercury mist

Mercury mist has the best anti-scratch effect among these surface treatments, and there is no scratch at all after the two sleeves rub against each other.

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