the Importance of Fund Management to FIXMAN

In a blink of an eye, another year will pass, and 2020 is also coming in our expectations. I entered the FIXMAN family in early 2019, and now I have almost a year. In this year, I learned a lot, and slowly learned how to apply theoretical knowledge to practical operations, so as to truly apply what I learned. Looking back on this year’s work, with the help of leaders and colleagues, I basically completed my own job, fulfilled the duties of a cashier, and further improved my business quality and working ability. In this nearly one year of study and training, I strictly abide by the company’s articles of association and various financial systems, study carefully, work hard, and play a due role in the position of cashier with a diligent and diligent attitude.

In the past year of hard work, I deeply realized that to do a good job as a cashier can never be described as “easy”, it is not an insignificant post. Cashier work is an indispensable part of accounting work. It is the front line of economic work. It requires cashiers to have comprehensive proficiency in policy, proficient business skills, and rigorous and meticulous work style. Therefore, a sound internal control system and a reasonable staff structure are the basic conditions for a good cashier.

At the same time, the cashier should also establish a sense of service. The nature of the cashier work determines that the cashier work must adhere to both supervision and service. Cashier work can also be classified as part of internal management, and its goal is to strengthen fund management and serve managers. Integrating service awareness into the entire process of cashier work, while providing a basis for managers to make economic decisions, and more convenient for the work of other departments.

As a financial officer, we need not only patience and care, but also a strong sense of responsibility, being able to take full responsibility for our work, and continuously making progress in our work, striving to improve our professionalism, Taking my work to a new level and opening up a wider channel for the company’s development is my long-cherished desire to be a financial officer. I love finance, so I am convinced that I can do it. I will do my job well with a humble attitude and full of enthusiasm to create the due value for the company. I hope to grow with the company and be a responsible, ethical and dreamy FIXMAN.

Post time: Mar-16-2020