The New Pattern of China’s Electric Tool Market——Analysis of the Competition between Trade, Industry and Technology and Technical Industry and Trade




Where is the development path of China’s power tools? This issue has aroused the attention and worries of many people in the industry. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has caused many changes in the market. The most prominent change is that the original low-price sales strategy of power tools failed to exchange for scale effects, and low-price dumping has lost the power of leveraging the market in the past. The reason is that the order of the power tool industry is changing, and trade, industry, technology and technology, industry, and trade have begun to compete head-to-head.


“Trade, Industry and Technology” and “Technology, Industry and Trade” are actually the difference between “sales” and “technology” in an enterprise. Since the reform and opening up, due to the lack of core technology in China, many companies have chosen to do business first. The way to go out of the market and accumulate funds through trade to make the cake bigger, but it must be clear that this is largely a last resort, and the result is that China’s core technology is controlled by others. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, China’s high-tech enterprise market It has been doing more and more, the accumulation of funds has become more and more abundant, and it has a large amount of continuous investment in technology research and development, scientific and technological innovation, and the conditions for transforming from the “trade, industry and technology” road to the “technology, industry and trade” road are gradually mature.


The relationship between “Trade, Industry and Technology” and “Technology, Industry and Trade”, from the perspective of business changes that have experienced the huge impact of the new crown epidemic on the entire industry, shows that this relationship is particularly conflicting in the current development of China’s power tool industry. . FIXMAN began to focus on the road of technology, industry and trade, committed to providing customers with professional quality, rich product lines, competitive prices, environmentally friendly, technologically innovative power tools, and constantly asked articles about the following three aspects: 1. Have core technology And master high-tech 2, excellent product carrier 3, technological innovation-driven marketing model.


At present, FIXMAN has registered in 138 countries and areas and sell to 52 countries and areas. We provide a variety prdouct range of over 6,000 items and there are more than 1,000 global network stores that are selling different kinds of FIXMAN products.


The professional quality, various product range, low quantity request, and comprehensive after sale service are our advantages.


According to the current development of power tool industry, FIXMAN focus on the development, technology, and innovation of power tools, especially cordless power tools.


At present, FIXMAN provide the different kinds of power tools, including power drill, impact screwdriver, impact wrench, angle grinder, rotary hammer, etc… by next period, FIXMAN will focus on the development of brushless cordless power tools, including different models of cordless power tools, to provide the best cost performance products. Our target is for the professional performance, durable usage, competitive price, and comprehensive after sale service. We intend to officially launch the brushless power tool products by the end of 2021.


We are welcome the customers who are interested in our brand, our products to cooperate and develop together.

Post time: Jul-16-2021