What are the commonly used measuring tools and instruments?

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What are the commonly used measuring tools and instruments?


Measurement is an indispensable job in life: measuring temperature, weighing quality, measuring length, measuring time…Measurement plays an important role in parts processing, precision instrument production, engineering measurement, daily life, etc. And meaning. Do you know what are the commonly used measurement tools? The following editor will take a look at the common measuring instruments and gauges for you!


Length measuring tool


Caliper: A scale caliper is a measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter, and depth, including vernier calipers, micrometers, and so on. Tape measure: You can test the length, width, and height of the object. Sometimes the space is limited. You must first use a tape measure to buy things. Stationery ruler: It is used for daily drawing, whether it is used as a student tool, woodworking, office, etc., it is an essential tool. Laser rangefinder: when working, a very thin laser beam is emitted to the target. The photoelectric element receives the laser beam reflected by the target, and the timer measures the time from emission to reception to calculate the distance.


Temperature measurement tool

Infrared thermometer: can measure temperature and humidity from a safe distance. It plays an important role in product quality control and monitoring, equipment online fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy saving during the production process. Clinical thermometer: It is an important tool for measuring human body temperature. Commonly used clinical thermometers are mercury and electronic. Because mercury and mercury are poisonous, they are gradually being replaced by electronic thermometers. Thermometer: A tool that can accurately judge and measure temperature. It is divided into pointer thermometers and digital thermometers. According to the purpose of use, a variety of thermometers have been designed and manufactured. Liquid thermometer: used to grasp the temperature of liquid, often used in the kitchen.


Time measurement tool

Wall clocks: There are two types of motive power: mechanical power and electric power, which are divided into analog quartz wall clocks, mechanical wall clocks and digital wall clocks. Watch: The watch is one of the smallest, strongest and most precise machinery invented by mankind. The watch is not only a simple timing tool, but also shows a person’s temperament, taste and even identity. Pocket watch: Pocket watch was a representative of a gentleman and elegance in the past. At the same time, due to the expensive price of pocket watch and the full appearance, it has become a status symbol when it appears. Stopwatch: There are two main categories: mechanical and electronic. Electronic watches can be divided into two categories: three-button and four-button. Among them, mechanical stopwatches have become history in many places, and electronic stopwatches are basically used now, with intuitive display, easy reading, and multiple functions.


Quality measurement tools


Kitchen scale: A tool used to accurately measure the weight of food ingredients used in cooking, especially when making Western-style dessert cakes. Weight scale: Electronic scale is one of the functions of weighing instrument. It is of high quality and low price. It can help people effectively understand their own weight changes. The new product can also detect their own fat content, and there are some humanized auxiliary functions. Platform scale: A platform scale is a small scale that is a rectangular platform with a load-bearing device and is usually used on the ground. According to the structure principle, it can be divided into two types: mechanical platform scale and electronic platform scale. Floor scales: also called floor scales and truck scales. They are the main weighing equipment used by factories, mines and businesses to measure bulk goods.


Electric measuring tool

Multimeter: Also known as multimeter, multiplex meter, three-meter, multi-meter, etc., it is an indispensable measuring instrument in power electronics and other sectors. Electricity meter: An electric energy meter is an instrument used to measure electric energy, also known as an watt-hour meter, a fire meter, and a kilowatt-hour meter. It can be divided into a DC watt-hour meter and an AC watt-hour meter. Electric tester: used to test whether there is electricity in the wire. When using the test pen, be sure to touch the metal part of the end of the test pen with your hand, put your index finger against the cap end of the pen, gently pinch the pen with your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger, and insert the metal pen tip into the socket hole. Shake meter: a megohm resistance meter used to measure the insulation resistance of various electrical equipment.


Horizontal angle measurement tool

Level: A commonly used measuring tool for measuring small angles. It is used to measure the inclination angle relative to the horizontal position, the flatness and straightness of the guide rails of machine tools, and the horizontal and vertical positions of equipment installation. Level: An instrument that establishes a horizontal line of sight to determine the height difference between two points on the ground. It is divided into a micro-tilt level, an automatic level, a laser level, and a digital level. Total station: Total station type electronic rangefinder, a high-tech measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity, which can measure horizontal angle, vertical angle, distance (inclined, horizontal distance), height difference measurement. Theodolite: It measures horizontal and vertical angles. It is designed according to the principle of angle measurement. At present, the most commonly used optical theodolite is the optical theodolite.

Post time: Sep-18-2021