What are the necessary labor insurance supplies for workers

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What are the necessary labor insurance supplies for workers

In many production areas, there are certain dangers, such as construction on construction sites, high-altitude operations, etc., which requires qualified labor insurance products to protect personal safety. So what are the necessary labor insurance supplies for workers? Generally, it includes safety helmets, protective glasses, masks, labor protection gloves, labor protection shoes, protective clothing, etc. Basically, there are corresponding protective equipment for every part of the body. Below, I will take a look at the commonly used labor insurance products and their purchasing points. Let’s take a look.


Safety helmet is a necessary head protection equipment for workers. It is generally worn by miners and construction workers at work. It can resist objects falling from a high altitude and cause it to deviate to the outside, so as to minimize the impact on the head. Purchasing points: Be sure to check whether it meets the national standards. The service life of general safety helmets is calculated from the date of completion of product manufacturing. Plant branch knitting caps should not exceed two years, plastic caps and paper rubber caps should not exceed two and a half years. FRP rubber The cap does not exceed three and a half years.

protective glasses

Workers engaged in industrial production, some of them need to wear special goggles for operation. Wearing these glasses is not for decoration, but to protect the eyes from dust, smoke, metal and chemical solution splashing damage. Purchasing points: Choose according to the harmful factors of your own working environment, such as lathes and masons should wear high-strength anti-impact glasses; engaged in chemical experiments should wear acid and alkali corrosion resistant chemical glasses; engaged in electric welding, gas welding and other operations Wear anti-arc radiation glasses.

Soundproof earplugs

Workers working in an environment above 90dB for a long time or working in an environment above 115dB for a short time will cause serious damage to hearing. It is best to use soundproof earplugs. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the outer ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear to achieve sound insulation. Purchasing points: A good sound insulation earplug must not only have good softness, but also have a slow rebound effect. If the elasticity is too large, it will easily compress the skin of the external auditory canal, causing discomfort such as ear swelling and earache; if the elasticity is too small, it can not be in close contact with the external auditory canal, and sound insulation The effect will be reduced.

Face mask

Less harmful substances are inhaled into the human body. If poisonous gas is generated in the working environment, a special gas mask must be used. Purchasing points: Choose dust masks according to the level of dust concentration in different environments. Generally, KP type is suitable for oily dust, such as paraffin; KN type is suitable for non-oily dust, such as quarry; the larger the number in the model, the greater the resistance The higher the dust rate, the higher the dust safety factor.


Among all types of industrial accidents, the proportion of hand injuries is the highest. In order to avoid hand injuries, it is necessary to choose targeted protective gloves. Common labor protection gloves include insulating gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, welder gloves, anti-vibration gloves, anti-static gloves, and dust-free gloves. Purchase points: Look at the materials of labor protection gloves. The first layer of leather is dexterous in operation and precise in gripping performance, while the second layer of leather is more wear-resistant and suitable for heavy and heavy manual labor; depending on your working environment, such as insulating gloves for live work, chemical Acid and alkali resistant gloves for testing.

Safety shoes

Labor insurance shoes are mainly used for foot safety protection. According to the protective performance of the shoes, they can be divided into special shoes such as anti-static, insulation, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Users should always pay attention to the wear and tear of safety shoes. Under normal circumstances, the use time of labor safety shoes should not exceed 6 months. Purchasing points: According to the operating conditions, choose labor protection shoes suitable for protection performance, and also consider the comfort of the shoes. The good environment uses a relatively non-slip, lightweight substrate with outstanding cushioning function; the harsh environment uses a reinforced non-slip, wear-resistant substrate.

protective suit

Protective clothing has anti-penetration function, good air permeability, high strength, and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. It is used to protect workers from physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. It is widely used in industry, electronics, medical treatment, and defense. Use in environments such as chemical and anti-bacterial infections. Purchasing points: General work clothes are made of cotton cloth or chemical fiber fabric, suitable for general work places without special requirements; while special work clothes are selected according to the special working environment, such as dust-proof clothing with full-body protection for dust operations.

seat belt

Safety belts are personal protective equipment used to prevent fall accidents of workers at heights. They are composed of belts, ropes and metal fittings. It is suitable for poles, suspension, climbing and other high places, but not suitable for fire fighting and hanging objects. Selection points: The safety belt must have sufficient strength. Generally, the safety belt of the surrounding pole is tested with a static load of 4 500N and a tensile speed of 100mm/min without breaking; the suspension and climbing safety belts are tested with a weight of 100kg, and they are free to fall. There should be no breakage in the impact test.



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Post time: Sep-18-2021