What is Required in Your Automotive Repair Tool Box?

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What are the tools in the car toolbox? Vehicle maintenance and repair tools


When the car leaves the factory, the manufacturer will provide some on-board supplies, and we will also use some tools in the car. So what are the tools in the car toolbox? In fact, after buying a car, it is best for car owners to equip themselves with on-board emergency tools, car repair, disassembly, maintenance, beauty and other vehicle tools. In this issue, I have compiled a complete set of vehicle maintenance and repair tools for everyone, let’s take a look.


Spare tires can be used for replacement when the vehicle has a puncture.


Jacks are used to lift up the body when replacing spare tires. Generally, hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used.


When the vehicle is out of power and cannot be started, it can be used to start the vehicle through the battery of other vehicles.


Fire extinguisher Vehicle fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle tool used to prevent vehicle fires.


The car starting power supply is a kind of car battery, which can assist the battery to start the vehicle when the power is exhausted or insufficient.


Wrench is a commonly used installation and removal tool for removing and replacing tires.


The tow rope is the most direct tool that can be rescued on the spot. It is generally made of cloth belts, steel wires, and nylon ropes.


Safety hammer When the car owner encounters an emergency, if the window needs to be broken, the safety hammer can be used to hit the four corners of the car window. The bright flashlight will help a lot when you need to check the vehicle or find something at night.


When a sudden incident occurs, the triangle warning is placed at the back of the vehicle to remind the vehicles behind to avoid secondary accidents.


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Post time: Sep-22-2021